Lola in Blue and Virginia Leggings

Lola in Blue and Virginia Leggings



I made this dress (back in November 2013) with a blue knit I’ve had in my stash for quite some time. I paired it up with the Virginia Leggings I made in January 2014. When I got the blue fabric out I discovered it was a circular knit, which I didn’t realize when I purchased it years ago. This knit is quite thick and I wish I’d made it long sleeved. The knit fabric seamed up well on my machine with a double needle. The interior is almost seamless at the hemline and sleeves.  Can you tell which two are the interior and which one is the exterior?


I omitted the pockets for a more dressed up “office attire” look.  I like this version but it feels awkwardly loose in a few areas. Like the Neckline. Of course, I may have unintentionally stretched it a bit while sewing.

Update: since wearing and washing several times the fabric shrunk and is not as loose as it was.

Ill spare further details since this is my second Lola.  You can see Lola in Pink here.

Recently I caught the Megan Neilson bug & sewed up the Virginia Leggings. LOVE!   A very quick and easy pattern.  Even the PDF pattern was a breeze to put together. I can see many of these in my future.  Actually I’ve already made another but I’ll introduce them to you next time. Even though I’m only 5’3 I made them long so I could have these awesome gathers at the ankles. So no adjustments, perfect fit.




The Sewing Petal Returns with Victory Pattern’s LOLA in Pink

The Sewing Petal Returns with Victory Pattern’s LOLA in Pink


I’m back… Thank you to the visitors who have continued to stop by despite my long absence. It has been my motivation to keep posting.

Seems as if the last few months have been a complete whirlwind, with the holidays, researching & planning for the installation of new windows in my sunroom, freezing temperatures and the list goes on. This southern girl don’t like it when the temps drop below freezing for weeks at a time. I just want to go into hibernation.

I made several clothing items before the end of 2013 that did not get photographed due to the arctic weather. So the next few posts will be 2013 makes. This post was drafted back in November and I added the photographs that were taken last weekend when we finally got a sunny and semi warm day. Just in time for February but a week too late for the pink themed linky party on Project Sewn.  Speaking of Project Sewn did you see week two? Last weeks designs were AMAZING. I have fallen in love with House of Pinheiro’s ya da bomb !! 💞 OMG I’m in love.  If you haven’t seen it yet go there now & check it out!  I’ve been drooling over the pictures for a week, imaging my own non-pink version and scheming how to make it happen.


So I finally finished my Lolas. (In November 2013)

I made a muslin with the leftover curtain fabric from my last post. I know it’s not a knit but I really wanted to get an idea of how to put it together. It was a breeze, don’t let all the pieces intimidate you. The muslin was very tight, I knew it would be snug because it’s a woven but WOW…I used the same size for the real deal and it was much looser fitting than I had anticipated, crazy right?

The first I made from a heather pink sweatshirt Jersey I ordered from Harts Fabric , with a heather pink rib knit, that’s a tad bit darker. After finishing I wish I’d put it along the edges of the pockets, It would have pulled it together a bit. I took everyone’s suggestions about making the pockets smaller so there would be less gaping.

Pink Sweatshirt Lola: 20140217-211640.jpg



I’ll introduce Lola in Blue next time.

Curtains for friends


I’m back after a month long blogging break….

So…the last week of August a friend brought me 3 yards of fabric to make a set of curtains for her bathroom, and two days later a neighbor showed up with a HUGE roll of fabric he picked up from the local thrift shop for $25 and said “make curtains for my bedroom & you can keep the rest for yourself”.  Of course I obliged.  There must be like  a 100 yards on this roll, the 13+ yards I used for the six curtain panels didn’t even put a dent in it.


So the next weekend was Labor Day (3 day weekend) & I decided that I was going to work on MY projects first, you know the ones I had been so anxious to get to, and so I kinda put the curtains for friends on hold; I was being a selfish seamstress…

I finished up a jumpsuit, which I have yet to photograph, cause I’m not real sure it looks very good on me or that I’ll ever actually wear it. Not the sewing boost I’d hoped it would be.

Then I started the Jedidiah shorts for my sweet man. And after a VERY long sewing session, I discovered that they were a bit too small.  They are really nice shorts and I did an amazing job on the interior…they were going to be his hotty toddy rebel shorts, oh well, I will give them another try soon.

Being very discouraged about my past two sewing fails, I decided to take a sewing break. BUT I had already promised curtains to two friends. So the next week, I started and completed the first curtain set in one afternoon and promptly gave them to their happy owner the next day.

She picked out a heavy canvas, to keep the light out. (only 3 yards of fabric in these including the two ties)


And then life happened, and time went by quickly and I was spending time researching windows, hardwood flooring, bathroom remodels and trying to calculate the costs of these much needed home improvements of mine, while my sewing machine collected dust.

Then I decided I wanted to make Victory Pattern’s Lola dress, but I just HAD to finish the curtains first, since I’ve been sitting on them for over a month now. So I finally mustered up the energy and spent a few evenings on them.

And Voila…SIX panels, finished measurements of 72″ long, 44″ wide.

IMG_2597[1]  IMG_2593[1]  IMG_2592[1]

(Sorry for the awful pics I was in a hurry & the fabric does not photograph well)

Now I can begin my Lola…FINALLY Will be back with a pic soon!

Do you ever find yourself in a sewing slump and find that you just need a break?

Sew Liberated: Gathering Apron


Hi!!! This is the completed Sew Liberated Gathering Apron, made with love and lightweight blue jean.  This pattern is a one size fits all most. 🙂

Sew Liberated Gathering Apron

Gathering Apron

This is my favorite apron. It is easy to assemble and the pin tucks…ohhhh the pin tucks.  Actually I enjoyed making them and I’m now  somewhat anxious to make a collared shirt with some around the button placket.  Anyone have any suggestions for a good collared shirt pattern that includes pin tucks?


Pin Tucks

Gathering Apron

This is suppose to be an up close shot so you can see the pin tucks around the waist band and across the bottom edge of the apron skirt.  The bodice is somewhat detailed too.  You could put a different colored fabric in the gusset (lace, contrasting color) to give a different effect.  Looking at these pictures I can imagine  lace peeking out of the pockets.  it would enhance the pocket openings and give a different effect.  I should’ve worn my cowgirl boots in these photos too…oh well

There’s not much else to say about this apron except that I love it, especially the HUGE Pocket!  I’m thinking of making another in a Khaki colored denim.

This apron is great for gathering veggies from the garden or stashing your gloves & scissors/clippers when doing yard/garden work. Great in the kitchen too…I guess you can call it an all-purpose apron.

Sew Liberated Gathering Apron

The crisscross ties in the back give it a secure fit for when you fill the front pocket with garden goodies and it doesn’t pull at your neck after wearing it a long time which tends to happen to me with aprons that tie around the back of the neck.

Sew Liberated Gathering Apron Back

When you purchase the pattern you get a code to watch the tutorial which is about 45 minutes which I found very helpful for assembling the bodice.


Sew Liberated Gathering Apron InsidesGathering Apron Inside

I made another for my grandmother, but I regretfully did not take any pictures. Her bodice lining is in Amy Butler’s Tumble Rose print and it goes well with the denim.

Maybe I’ll get a picture of it & her in it soon and I’ll update this post.

Good Day!

Jamie Christina – Mission Maxi Dress Versions 1, 2 & 3


Mission Maxi Cover 2

Jamie Christina Mission Maxi
All Versions View A, size 14

This is one of my very favorite patterns. I’ve made three versions. This pattern is a good first timer for sewing knits.

This pattern is quick, easy and very fulfilling when your in the mood to make something NOW. I think this is a very versatile dress…I sleep and lounge around the house in mine, but they can be dressed up & worn out when you wanna dress comfy but look good. I would like to make View C “the Godet Dress”. It looks fun, but I just can’t reconcile using 3 yards of fabric for a maxi dress.

I made the first version from a heather grey knit jersey I ordered from Harts Fabric. This knit was very slinky, thin and nearly impossible to fold or cut on the fold; so to end the agony I traced a mirror image of the front and back pattern pieces, taped them together to create a full front and back pattern piece, laid the fabric out flat as humanly possible, arranged the two pattern pieces and cut. Phew, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. I spent hours trying to get that fabric to fold but it just wasn’t happening.

Version 1

Mission Maxi - Heather Grey Cover

This is the second version of the Mission Maxi, I modified the pattern by adding three single pin tucks spaced about 1 1/2 inch apart around the neckline and angling down towards the hemline to add some interest. This is my inspiration…I want all of the clothing on her site. Every thing looks so soft, cozy and the natural colors. They make me happy! I may have to try my hand at dying fabric now especially after reading Sallieoh’s tutorial titled “just dye already” She makes it look so easy!!

The fabric I used for the purple versions is an Organic Cotton Lycra ordered from Harts Fabric.

Version 2

Mission Maxi Purple

Mission Maxi - Version 2

And the Back…Its the same cut for all three…

Mission Maxi - rear view

This is a shorter version made from the same fabric as Version 2. This one I cut on the fold. The organic cotton Lycra was a bit more stable than the heather grey. I also stabilized the neck line by using two layers of fabric rather than one like the pattern calls for I think it made the top stitching look nicer.

Version 3

Mission Maxi

The insides are all surged.

PS: If you notice spots on the fabric in some of the pictures it is because my body is crying in the sweltering, humid August HEAT!

Moss Mini Skirt, not so mini in Blue Jean


Moss Mini Skirt, not so Mini in Blue Jean

 So here it is my First Clothing Post.  The completed Grainline Studio Moss Skirt.  You can purchase your own downloadable pattern here.1. Skirt

I made this skirt with a lightweight blue jean from my local big box fabric store; maybe it was a little too lightweight.  I made a size 16, which is too big, still wearable but a bit loose for my liking and after wearing it all day it stretched waaaay out.  So the next one I make will definitely be a size or two smaller and from a heavier material.  I added three inches to the length to make it more suitable for the office; I may make it two next time or maybe I’ll just make it a mini.

2.  Skirt

3. Skirt Side

4. Skirt Front

There are a lot of firsts here for me:

First PDF pattern

First fly zipper

First no sew/Jean button

First skirt with back yoke

5.  Patters

Well maybe it’s not really my first PDF pattern.  I did download the bombshell bathing suit but I chickened out opted for the copy shop version so I didn’t have to tape it all together, anyway that’s a whole other post.  So this IS my first taped together PDF pattern and it wasn’t as frustrating as I thought it would be, mostly because there were only like 19 pages.  Only one complaint, it would have been nice for the 3 x 3 test square to be on one page rather than two; since I was at work printing the pattern and trying to hide the fact that I was umm… not working, shhhhh…

Grainline Studio’s tutorial on inserting a fly zipper was very helpful along with the instructions that came with the pattern.  This was an easy pattern.

I had a terrible time with the no sew button…I broke the post the first time.  The second time I managed to set the post in the button but it’s crooked and the button is all wonky now…  Still functional but I’m not sure for how long.  I dunno what went wrong.  It was difficult to hold the button, the post, the fabric AND try to hit the post with the hammer without hitting any of my fingers… maybe I hit it too hard… maybe it was the cheap buttons, I think I probably should have searched for some tutorials and read them first.  If you have any suggestions on blue jean button insertion, know of a good tutorial, button brands and/or your favorite shop to purchase them… please share your wisdom.

6. Skirt Tucked

I’m really happy this skirt turned out so well, I’ve already worn it out twice since I finished it last week and I have another in the works.  This will definitely be a staple pattern in my stash.  I can’t wait to make one in every color.  Yippee!

Here are the insides:

7. SKirt Insides front

8. SKirt Insides back

One thing I realized during this project is that I would really like to work on finishing the inside of my garments, to give them a more professional and refined finish and so I don’t find myself trimming all the strings every time I wash.  What are your favorite finishing techniques?

Now I’m anxious to sew up the Lakeside Pajamas after seeing Lauren’s version that she recently posted on her blog…but I already have like a bazillion other projects in the sewing queue.

So many things to do….not enough time to do them all in one day. 🙂

Amy Butler Duvet Cover…Again


Ok…I’m back to try again.   This is the custom duvet cover I made with Amy Butler’s Alchemy Organic fabrics. Such a dream. It gets softer with every wash.

Fabrics Used:  Amy Butler's Alchemy Line:  Imperial Paisley in blue sky, Sketchbook Roses in cream, & Memoir in vapor

Fabrics Used: Amy Butler’s Alchemy Line: Imperial Paisley in blue sky, Sketchbook Roses in cream, & Memoir in vapor

And matching pillowcases… I intended to make six but somehow only ended up with three. Oh we’ll three is better than none. Right?


AND (drumroll please)


That’s right, matching lamp shades. I’m such a dork. But I saw a great tutorial on it. Sorry cannot remember the name now, but it saved me from having to buy new ones and they were super super easy to make. I just used newspaper to make a paper pattern of the shade shape, fabric glue to glue the fabric to the old ugly lamp shade, and clothes pins to hold the fabric to the edged until the glue dried.


Apologies for the dark photos. I was anxious to post again and experiment with this blogging platform or whatever you wanna call it.

I will be back with a project I should have finished this weekend but instead decided to do this…Until next time…